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Meet our Volta Naturals Team

Lois Volta

Founder, Owner, Feminist Earth Shaker

Without exaggeration, when Lois entered into the outside world as a newborn baby her hair was almost as long as it is today. Ever since then she has continued to be fun and surprising.  She has a love for art, a curiosity for science, is a musician and songwriter, loves to cook healthy and delicious food, and has an acute sense of visual composition. Most importantly, however, she defines these things in terms of her service to others.


As mother of three and owner of Volta Natural Cleaning, Lois is familiar with the feeling of hard work.  “What could be more rewarding”, she said shortly after starting her business, “than doing for others the things that I do best and what people need the most: providing a healthy and pleasant home surrounding”. She has pursued her business endeavors with a sense of mission, purpose and community, both for her clients and those whom she has been privileged to work with. (Thanks Dad)


Owner, Jane of all Trades

Jessica is thrilled to be starting her journey as an entrepreneur and Lois's new business partner. She brings with her skills and insights from her work as a therapist, artist and general lover of community.


Jessica truly believes that caring for one’s home directly translates into caring for the mind, body, and spirit of the inhabitants as well. The energetic quality of a clean, tidy home is palpable and transformative. The act of cleaning itself, too, can be a meditative, restorative process for the cleaner. When she started working at VN in 2018, she had no idea how much she would fall in love with this process and the mission. A recent transplant from Boulder, Colorado, Jessica already feels at home in Philadelphia and looks forward to spending more time with her family in New Jersey.


Scheduler Extraordinaire

Jackie lives in Northwest Philadelphia with her husband and three kids. She is the President of her local Friends of the Free Library branch and the Communications Coordinator and Grant Writer for the Friends of Gorgas Park. When not championing parks and libraries, Jackie likes to garden, walk her crazy dog, and take road trips with her family.


Cleaning Product Maven, Supply Carrier

Taylor is a Berks County native who recently moved to Philadelphia, having spent the last few years living in Northern New Jersey. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and Visual Arts from Albright College, specializing in performance and painting respectively. While living in the Garden State, Taylor worked on several independent films, performed in a NYC production, and illustrated a book titled The Comedy Improv Handbook. Now that she's returned to Pennsylvania, she is eager to explore the creative opportunities Philadelphia has to offer. In her downtime Taylor enjoys painting, watching movies, and relaxing at home with her partner and their cat, Simon.


Community Relations, Supply Carrier


Nina understands that living in a well-thought out, organized, clean space will foster calmness and balance.  With a background in interior design, Nina specializes in space planning and draws lots of her design inspiration and creativity from her love of gardening and architecture.  She’s caring, patient, and personable making it easy for her clients to trust her, and the balance between her imaginative and organized mentality, enable her to deliver functional and beautiful designs. 


Nina lives in Glenside with her husband and two girls. 


I believe that care for ones self, home, and environment is a political act. From the central locus of our homes, we can promote wellness, self-reliance, and community in ways that oppose corporate-consumerism, and support human wellbeing and environmental health. Cleaning and maintaining a functional, thoughtful, and purposeful household is one strong component of care for self and others, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice this in my work with Volta.


In recent years, I have come to deeply appreciate the art of home care and to recognize that the work of maintaining a functioning and beautiful home, although traditionally feminine, is gender-neutral. As such, I believe that I have a responsibility to learn the work and art of the home, and to work toward fair and equal distributions of physical and mental loads within the home.


I’m married to Lois. We farm our small property together, keep chickens, and enjoy projects like learning how to can. I have a gardening business, and enjoy native flowers, home-grown produce, and building old fashioned walls and mud huts. 

Are you interested in working for VN? You must be a clean freak and have lazer dirt vision.                                               Email voltanaturals@gmail.com to apply.